Sunday, July 15

Mujahadah :)

Alhamdulillah i learned something new today :) 
Yes it is hard to throw away the bad habit, but you have to believe in His promise. 
Yes, you maybe come from a religious school, but does that make you somebody who is clean from any sins? no. This remind me to  a quranic verses surah As-Saff: 2...

O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not?

SubhanAllah,... krik krik krik.... who feels it straight in their hearts? *me me me*

SO lesson learned, be a qudwah hasanah for the ummah :)

#in my personal experience, when you tell the other party too, it will make your mujahadah easier.. because both of us mujahadah right? :) insya Allah..

We are always young to make mistakes, but it is never too late to repent..

So lets mujahadah!!

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